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Category: PLEASE READ (2 records) RESERVED Circleville Depot! Brought to you by Josh at - PREVIEW: Saturday February 17th from 10-1pm. Hope to see you there!! (HD)

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NOTES  Capital City Online Auctions will be hosting this auction scheduled to end on Wednesday July 30th at 8:30 pm. We invite you to come to our warehouse Monday July 28th from 4 to 6 pm and inspect, test, or simply tryout every item listed in every auction. If you have any questions please call (your name goes here) at 614-123-4567 or email (your email address goes here)

Here are some notes on how we describe the condition of our items:
-"Item is in retail packaging!" - Firstly, this does not mean the item is brand new. It simply means that it is in the packaging that you would see it in if you were to go to a retail store and buy it.
-"Item is in factory carton!" - This is similar to what is noted above as the item will most likely have a model number or code printed on the plain brown carton, as it would be shipped from the factory. Again, this does not guarantee that it is new.
-"Item is in factory plastic!" - Sometimes items will come in with no box, but wrapped in plastic or placed in a plastic bag. Again, this does not guarantee that it is new.

If we have knowledge that the item up for auction is in NEW condition, we will put that in the item description accordingly, such as "Item is NEW in retail packaging!". If you do not see the word "NEW" in the item description, we are not guaranteeing the item is in NEW condition and hope you will take the time to attend the preview to verify the condition.

We want all customers to be happy and confident in their purchases, so please do your best to make it to the preview and feel free to ask questions at anytime! We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing you in the future!

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