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NEW AUCTION !!! Ending Thursday, January 23rd at 8:25pm Hebron Depot, brought to you by Paul. - PREVIEW Thursday, January 23rd from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Hope to see you there!

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83 T_83.JPGKids Softs Foam Dart Blaster Toy Combat Battle Set w/ Long Distance Range, 20 Darts - RAPID FIRE: Customizable blaster lets kids enjoy rapid fire shooting with 20 foam darts that rain out of a high-capacity magazine at super fast speed and low impact; compatible with Nerf darts ELECTRIC MOTOR: 20-round drum automatically readies the next dart after the previous one is fired; simply squeeze, release, and squeeze again to watch them fly LONG DISTANCE SHOOTING: Enjoy fun, competitive rounds of rifling off shots to dominate friends and family with the long distance range and quick chamber switch function BUILT-SAFE: Built-in anti-jamming hatch prevents firing when open, protecting your child's fingers from injury during maintenance BATTERY POWERED: Uses 5 AA batteries to power the electric fan launching system and move ammo into the firing chamber New in original packaging. Verify your item(s) and condition before you leave. NO REFUNDS after the item(s) has left the building. Retail Value: $ 77.99

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