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49 T_49.JPGDimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit, 100-Feet

EASYFLEX NO-DIG LANDSCAPE EDGING: Create a beautifully landscaped yard without having to hire a professional - lawn edging that is easy to install with no digging required KIT INCLUDES: 100-foot coil of black landscape edging measuring 1.5-inches tall, 5 connectors to create a seamless border between different pieces of edging, and 30 8-inch spiral spikes to hold edging in place DO-IT-YOURSELF: Place the edging around raised flower beds, trees, and gardens and use a rubber mallet to drive the spikes into the tabs for a secure, long lasting border DURABLE & FLEXIBLE: Flexible plastic allows the edging to be installed in a straight line or molded to form curves, and long spiral spikes combat frost heaves and heavy rain to keep your design in place

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