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18 T_18.JPGONN UNIVERSAL STEREO HEADSET WITH MICROPHONE. Color: Black/Silver. The ONN Universal Stereo Headset with Microphone is compatible with most laptops and VOIP. It is ideal for internet chatting, voice recognition and gaming. This VOIP stereo headset works harmoniously with PCs and Macs and a variety of messenger programs. The microphone conveniently swivels up and out of the way for drinking, eating or just talking with colleagues. Give the Mac compatible headset to the professional in your life to make their work life easier. It features an adjustable headband and foam ear pads with swiveling cups for a comfortable fit. This package even includes a computer ""Y"" and cordless phone. In retail package. Please see at preview. adapters       ended
22 T_22.JPGPOWERLINE 2000 mAh CAR CORD ADAPTER. Charge all of your electronic devices in one easy location when you plug in the PowerLine 2000 mAh Car Cord Adapter. This is a convenient way to keep portable devices powered when you're on the road. The PowerLine adapter provides 3V to 12V DC for a variety of electronics. This auto accessory comes with seven interchangeable plug tips, making it useful for many different applications. Power up your smartphone, and when that's finished take care of your tablet. It's an ideal accessory for commuters and for travelers who bring multiple portable devices with them on road trips. With this car DC adapter you can have everything squared away that you need for big meetings and presentations. Charge up your gear before you hit the meeting and you will be guarded against sudden outages. You will also be happy to have everything you need charged safely in one location for powering up, rather than having to go to several spots. In retail package. Please see at preview.       ended
29 T_29.JPGEXTRA BATTERY CHARGER COVER. Designed for iPhone 11. 6000mAh Color: Rose Gold. The battery case is not only a portable charger, but also a protector for your iPhone. Raised sides and hard-shell design maximizes protection to your iPhone 11, durable high- class material to protect your iPhone from scratches, drops, impacts and other daily wear and tear. NEW in retail package. NO refund will be issued once item has been removed from pickup location. Please see at preview.       ended
99 T_99.JPGMOREFIT FITNESS TRACKER. Color: Black/Red. Square face. All-day activity tracking, such as steps, calories burned, distance, etc. It also tracks your sleep time and sleep quality at night. You can view current data in your watch and view 7-day historical data in the app to monitor activity quality trends. This activity tracker will alert you when you receive a call or message. Sedentary reminders, alarm clocks, stopwatches, etc. make your schedule more reasonable. In retail package. Picture i not an exact match. Please see at preview.       ended

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